Here’s a little something to take my mind off the possibility that I might be arriving at tomorrow’s Xibalba show over at Selda-Dos rather late (though still hoping to catch Thieves just in case I get out of work just in time with my shift’s end, or Thought all the way from Cebu at the very least in case I’d be forced to render some overtime work yet again (though from the initial 3 hours, I negotiated with my immediate supervisor to cut it down to just the required 2 hours since I tend to give her that scary look sometimes I told her up front that I have this show to attend to after work) but gonna make it there to catch Xibalba for sure)…

I had been seeing posters these past few months of Canadian pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s second show in Manila after her successful first one back in 2013 but it was only rather recently that I saw the date for her latest one: September 14, 2015. … Yep, same day as Xibalba’s show.


The chances that someone in the local music scene is heavily into both Xibalba and Carly Rae Jepsen might be few and far between (pun slightly intentional) but who knows… if such a person actually exists, s/he might have a bit of a hard time choosing, so it’s entirely up to her/him which show to really attend to.

Here’s a Xibalba song that has guest vocals courtesy of one Esther Banuelos (who I have absolutely no idea of as to who she is save for perhaps she’s a friend of the band), the only one from them thus far that has a woman singing some parts of a song:

Now imagine Carly Rae Jepsen doing those guest vocals instead, lol.

Belatedly learned too that “Mala Mujer” is actually a cover of a song called “Still in Love with You” by Thin Lizzy:

Which was then covered by Sade so that we can all have an idea why the female guest vocals in that Xibalba cover:

Not a CRJ fan though so one would find me tomorrow night over at Selda-Dos instead as I head to right where the action is in the sea of moshers during Xibalba’s show. Gotta end this real quick now and do my bit of stretching for tomorrow (yes, link is satirical and all but it has some ring of truth to it, and I’m pretty sure most of my fellow peers in the local hardcore scene who are fast approaching their 30’s would also agree and lightheartedly chuckle at that article right there).