So there’s this recent news about the FIBA Asia championship game wherein the Philippine basketball team (aka Gilas Pilipinas) had been defeated by that of host country China with a score of 78-67. While I’m not really much into sports in general (which therefore makes me less than qualified to talk about anything regarding basketball in full detail), I would like to think that it had been a very tough yet well-exerted effort our countrymen had pulled off despite some rather unfortunate circumstances that had surrounded them along the way to, during and even after the finals.

What I’m more concerned about though is the barrage of Sinophobic posts and comments not just about the game itself but also with other non-sports issues involving both the Philippines and China. Just like this one:


That screenshot of an FB post right there is probably the worst kind of Sinophobia I’ve come across thus far. And to think that Chowking might not even be owned by anyone of Chinese blood even if they serve Chinese-style fastfood with more than a hundred branches across the entire country, why even bother burning each branch down (aside of course from the fact that jail time awaits this online thug/pseudo-arsonist if ever s/he actually decides to commit said crime irl)? However, that last comment right there: not quite sure if trolling or actually serious. Your US, Japan, Taiwan and European made products have parts made in factories located in China, what does that make you? (*cough* hypocrite *cough*)

Chinesus does not approve of Pinoy Sinophobia.

Being emotionally charged in the heat of the moment after a devastating loss to an undoubtedly more powerful team in a game of basketball is totally no excuse to just throw all one’s rage, self-righteous pride and very hasty generalization against the entire Chinese nation in one fell swoop (or as a friend very succinctly put it, throw away everything you have if you are so determinedly against anything that has to do with China per se). Most especially if that said nation has a lot of musical talent totally worth checking out.

As much as I initially wanted to just make a really brief post about what I like to call “The Sound of Modern China”, I eventually realized while making the draft for this particular entry that as long as there’s this conflict between our country and China regarding ownership of disputed territory which has yet to be fully resolved, Sinophobic comments from Filipino netizens would still most likely pop up in my FB newsfeed every now and then (most especially since our national basketball team’s defeat in the hands of the Chinese might still be so fresh in the minds of most those who watched the entire game last Saturday night even after a week had already passed) so I decided to turn this into an ongoing weekly series of posts wherein I’d place the spotlight on a band from China whose music I absolutely find to be of interest.

This week’s band from China is Birdstriking, whose self-titled album can be streamed below:

And here is their video for the song “Monkey Snake”:

Birdstriking’s self-titled debut album as originally released last 2012 on Australian record label Tenzenmen (Warning: Expect A LOT of artists who had released music not just on TZM but also on what I personally deem to be two of the hottest China-based independent record labels to exist thus far, Maybe Mars and Genjing Records, to be featured in the next few weeks) had attracted the attention of The Brian Jonestown Massacre vocalist Anton Newcombe who then decided to re-release it just a few months ago on his own A Recordings.

Birdstriking can be best considered as the brother band of the more veteran act Carsick Cars (more on them next week) as He Fan does vocals and guitar for the former while also doing bass for the latter. Both bands also share an almost borderline obsession with making swirling guitar noises very reminiscent of what Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo had done in the now-defunct Sonic Youth, so 90’s alternative/indie rock and noise-rock fans in general which are rather plenty in the local music scene would totally get stricken (pun intentional) by the sound of Birdstriking.

Next week’s featurette: Carsick Cars