Shoegaze has seen a quite notable upsurge in recent years not just because some of its very well-known names have suddenly reappeared out of seemingly nowhere but also since a lot of relatively newer acts have been holding the torch and putting their own spin on a genre whose main defining sonic traits are often soaked in so much distortion, fuzz, reverb and maybe a dozen other guitar effects pedals I’m not even aware of.


Some of those relatively newer acts hail from China, one of which I’ve already featured last week. For this installment of my series of posts on “The Sound of Modern China”, I’ve decided to tackle this compilation from Nasty Wizard Recordings very recently released on cassette but fortunately available for streaming for the lot of us without any access to a legit tape deck:

Nasty Wizard Recordings in a nutshell.

This “China Shoegaze Compilation” (which was sent to me by friend and GYHT electronics guy Brucher a few weeks ago) features four up-and-coming acts from the mainland, each with their own take on guitar effects-riddled world of shoegaze. With a total of eight songs from City Flanker, Forsaken Autumn, The White Tulips, and The Sound & the Fury (two songs per band), the said compilation is set to prove to the rest of the world that China has a few acts of its own with the capacity to keep up with the rest of the ‘gazing pack from both Stateside and across the pond.

Can’t say much about the featured bands though as there seems to be very fuzzy information (Get it? Fuzzy, hehe…) about each of them and even where there is some, much of it is in Chinese (and too lazy to use Google Translate, ugh) which only adds a lot more to the already enigmatic quality of the songs included in “China Shoegaze Compilation”.


My personal favorite songs in the said compilation though would have to be the ones done by Forsaken Autumn as they’ve got the whole melancholic vibe of shoegaze all figured out just by looking at their name alone; combine that with wistful female vocals as featured in the band’s contributions “Wallow” and “Soft Wing” and one might as well just sit and cry all day while listening to nothing but those two songs on constant repeat.

Or even do this.

For those who would rather not sit and cry at all, next week’s featurette will be all about death metal band Ululate which is more in keeping with the current month that for some reason gets usually associated with all things horror.