Not a lot of shows to attend to this November but there’s one that fans of aggressive music in general SHOULD totally go to…

Maryland noisegrind ensemble Full of Hell will be visiting the country a few days from now thanks to the fine folks of Sleeping Boy Collective and premier local hardcore punk record label Still Ill, but what do those new to Full of Hell have to expect once they head over to Selda-Dos on a seemingly nondescript Tuesday night?

For starters, here’s one out of three officially published posters for Tuesday’s show which happens to be a personal favorite:

One of the bands opening for Full of Hell is called Empty. Full of Hell. Empty. Get it? Lol. (Nice play right there, Still Ill and SBC! =P )

That poster alone is quite a strong visual representation of what listening to Full of Hell will do to one’s skull with more than the usual smattering of extra-sharp, ultra-fast grindcore on one end of the extreme musical spectrum and ear-deafening RRRecords-style noise music on the other – sometimes both occurring within the same song. The band name alone should’ve also very easily given away what they’re supposed to sound like after all, yes?

Full of Hell is composed of vocalist Dylan Walker, guitarist Spencer Hazard, bassist Sam DiGristine (recent replacement for Brandon Brown) and drummer David Bland (with both Walker and Hazard doing power electronics as well). Their entire discography thus far consists of two full-length albums, a 7” and 4 volumes of noise tapes under their own name as well as split records with other artists, the most recent being their much talked about collaborative double record with Japanese noise music legend Merzbow released on Profound Lore Records last 2014 which can be streamed below:

And here are a few fun facts related to Full of Hell that can be pretty useful while we’re all waiting for the 10th of November to finally arrive (and hopefully as a conversation starter too on the day itself):

1. The lyrics to “Raise Thee, Great Wall, Bloody and Terrible” and ”Ljudet av Gud (Swedish methinks which roughly translates to “The Sound of God”)” are taken from a book by a certain William Rounseville Alger entitled “The Solitudes of Nature and of Man” published in 1867… yep, THAT old but copies of the entire thing in various formats are readily available online for everyone to read. Full of Hell can be a bit bookish for a noisegrind band, no?

2. Almost everyone in Full of Hell also has some sort of side project going on. Vocalist Dylan Walker for one is also part of the cheekily named jazzgrind unit Gerald Fletcher Memorial Grindcore Explosion wherein he is joined by avant-garde/experimental musicians Jamie Saft on keyboards/additional electronics and Balazs Pandi on drums. GFMGE’s only performance thus far at New York’s The Stone last 2013 can be viewed below:

Drummer David Bland and original bassist Brendon Brown are also in the bands [This is not for you.] and Jarhead Fertilizer. TINFY’s only release thus far is a split 7″ with Caust which falls more along screamo, though FoH’s main grind sound is carried over with Jarhead Fertilizer’s two releases, an EP called “Scaphism” and a split 7″ entitled “Always Faithful” with Purge. All mentioned releases can be streamed below:

Caust/[This is not for you.] split 7″


“Always Faithful”

And yet another Full of Hell-related project is Fags Hate God, though there’s not much info as to which FoH members are in the band. Other than that though, here’s their only EP thus far called “Viscera”:

UPDATE: Full of Hell had very recently posted a hot off the press track called “Halogen Bulb” which can be heard below:

“Halogen Bulb” is taken from their forthcoming second 7” entitled “Amber Mote in the Black Vault” to be released sometime in November via Bad Teeth Recordings. No word yet though if AMITBV would be officially released before the band’s show here in Manila but nonetheless good to know that the FoH guys are up to even more caustic mayhem as we speak and not content to rest on their laurels. Can’t wait to hear their own rendition of a song from Melvins as well.